Best Quilting Pins: How to Choose the Best One?


The best quilter needs the best quilting pins – yes, we are referring to you. Quality quilt pins are an essential part of a quilter’s arsenal, whether you just took up quilting during quarantine or are a professional.

In this article, we will give you a list of the best pins for quilting, followed by some FAQs and answers, such as who makes the best quilting pins and what are the best quality pins to use for quilting/ sewing.

Best Quilting Pins – Quick Comparison

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How to Choose the Best Quilting Pins?

It’s essential to consider the following factors before choosing a pin package:


A good pin is a pin made of quality metal. You may want to avoid rustable metal because a quilt project can last days to weeks, and the pins will stay in your fabric for the entire duration.

It is advised to choose magnetic pins so that you can collect them with a magnet. A pin lost on the floor can lead to unwanted, dangerous incidents.


For seamless pinning movements, you will need a sharp pin that can go through the cloth smoothly, without causing snags and holes. Remember that you will need to pin three layers of fabric together. Doing it with dull pins will become frustrating very quickly.


To reserve the dignity of your fine fabric, you will need a fine pin. A set of thick pins can leave multiple imperfections on your final result.


You need to make sure your pins can go through the quilt top, the batting, and the backing. Beginners may get used to the pinning motion with long sewing pins.


There are different styles of heads for different preferences. But generally speaking, you will want to opt for heat-resisting and easy-to-grab heads.


There are straight pins for sewing and specialized curve pins for quilting. Curve pins are easier to put in because they create a natural rotation while pinning. But they are more difficult to remove mid-sewing when you are sewing your motif.


Quilting pins are not costly, but a normal quilt needs dozens of pins, and you may have several projects going on simultaneously. Thus, it is convenient to have a large number of uniform pins available at any time.


One more thing you may want to keep in mind is the manufacturer. Pins are mass-produced products, and the more reliable the brand, the lesser the chance of deformative.

best pins for quilting

Best Joint Quilting Pins per Category

Different quilting pins have different pros and cons. The trick is to understand your project and your quilting tendencies to choose the best pins to use when quilting. Here are the top quilters pins in seven different categories for a start.

#1 CLOVER Fine Quilting Pins B001DZYKRK – Best Overall

Best -quilting-Pins (1)

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At the top of the is the CLOVER Fine Quilting Pins – reputable pins from a reputable brand.

With a history that dates back to almost a century, CLOVER secured its foothold in the artisan world a long time ago. Customers always come to CLOVER with the highest expectations.

These pins have all the required qualities found in top-notch quilted pins, including sturdiness, sharpness, and thin profile. The pins will glide through all the layers of your quilt effortlessly.

They have colored heads for easy marking. And the heads are iron proof so that you don’t need to remove them when ironing or steaming.

You won’t need to worry about the length either. These pins’ dimensions grant ease of use to all kinds of projects.

As we said, this is the best product overall, so there are no cons.


  • Sturdy
  • Fine body
  • Sharp
  • Reputable brand
  • Colored, iron proof head
  • Good length


  • None

#2 Dritz Crystal Glass Head Pins B00275YF1G – Best with Glass Heads

Best -quilting-Pins (2)

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The second place is the Dritz Crystal Pins – the best of glass-headed pins.

Glass-headed pins are popular among quilters because of their ability to withstand heat from the iron.

Before basting, it is normal to pin down the layer, secure them with some clamps or duct tape at the edges then iron them one last time. Non-heat-resistant pinheads can melt during this process and leave unwanted marks.

With their sharp points, these pins will push through the fabric easily. Dritz Crystal Pins come with a reusable plastic box for convenient storage.

One downside of this product is its flimsy build. The pins can bend when countering resistance.


  • Convenient glass ball heads
  • Sharp
  • Reusable plastic case


  • Flimsy body

#3 CLOVER Flower Head Pins B001K58PHO – Best with Flower Heads

Best -quilting-Pins (3)

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Compared to glass heads, plastic heads are less convenient to ironing with but are easier to remove when sewing. And one of the best flathead quilting pins is the CLOVER Flower Head Pins.

These are another product of CLOVER quilting pins. This item stands out with its flower design. They are very easy to pick out and remove when sewing.

Like other CLOVER products, they have decent lengths and high-quality metal.

The quantity is above average as well, with 149 counts per closable case.

Because the flower heads are not heat resistant, remember to pull them out before applying heat. Also, beware that the shaft can be a little too thick for some delicate fabrics.


  • Easy to grab flower heads
  • Large quantity
  • Ideal length
  • Closable case


  • Meltable heads
  • Slightly thick body

#4 CLOVER Extra Fine Pins B00E3DG6T4 – Best Fine Pins

Best -quilting-Pins (5)

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Tailored for fine-textured cloth is the CLOVER Extra Fine Pins. The diameter of a pin is only 0.4 mm, which is very suitable for patchwork.

Being specialized pins for patchwork, they are also extra sharp. Unlike the above item, these pins have heat-resistant glass heads and can be ironed.

The item currently has a two-pack deal too. So don’t miss out.

However, one obvious disadvantage of extra fine pins is the lack of sturdiness.


  • Extra fine
  • Sharp
  • Heat resistant glass heads
  • Two-pack deal


  • Easy to bend

#5 Taylor Seville Magic Pins B07CB7YYFK – Best with Comfort-grip Handles

Best -quilting-Pins (4)

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Putting in dozens of pins for a large quilt can be hard on your fingertips. Understanding that Taylor Seville offers Magic Pins with comfort-grip handles.

These large headpins have ridges for better grip. The heads are heat resistant too. These pins have a decent length and come with a designer case.

Be careful while using this product with white fabric because the blue heads can leave marks during the first few uses. You may want to run them through some waste fabrics beforehand.


  • Heat resistant, comfort-grip handles
  • Decent length
  • Designer case


  • Leave marks when first use

#6 JoyFamily Flat Button Head Pins B01NCIC7EG – Best with Button Heads

Best -quilting-Pins (7)

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Another easy-on-finger design is button headed pin. Like the flathead sewing pins, they are easy to put in and out of the layers. Besides, the holes and the curve of the button fit naturally on the fingers.

This product has multiple colored heads, making it easier to mark different sections or choose stand-out pins for cloth with a certain color.

They are rather sharp too.

JoyFamily Pins is also the second most affordable item on this list, with 200 counts per package.

Unfortunately, the colorful heads are not heat resistant and easy to break. And the pins may not be thick enough for some materials.


  • Colorful, user-friendly button heads
  • Sharp
  • Affordable


  • Breakable, non-heat resistant heads
  • A little bit thin

#7 Color Scissor Quilting Pins B077Q6WRT1 – Best Price

Best -quilting-Pins (6)

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The best bang for your buck is the Color Scissor Pins with 250 counts per package. If you need a large number of pins for upcoming projects, this pick is the right choice.

The pins’ glass heads come in many vivid colors. Besides being decorative quilting pins, this is also a versatile product, suitable for daily sewing, quilting, dressmaking, crafts, corsages, etc.

At a low price, this product has some expected downsides, including small heads, bendable, and rough shaft.


  • Great quantity
  • Low price
  • Colorful glass heads


  • Bendable and rough shaft
  • Small heads

Frequently Asked Questions

best pins to use when quilting

What are quilting pins used for?

Quilting pins are long, thin to pierce the quilt top, the batting, and the backing and hold them all together. The pins are in place when you are basting or sewing the motif.

What are the different types of quilting pins?

Shape-wise, there are three common types of pins for quilting: straight pins, safety pins, and curved safety pins. The first two work basically the same. Safety pins prevent finger accidents. The third type curves so you can put them in easier.

There are also standard straight pins, ballpoint pins for knit fabrics, and silk pins for delicate fabrics.

When it comes to the head of the pins, the two popular ones are ball-head pins and flathead pins.

Can you sew with pins in fabric?

You can sew over pins, but you run the risk of breaking your needles while doing so.

The best practice is to pull the pins out right before the fabric goes under the presser’s foot. The positioning of your pins can be helpful too. You can put them on an angle and don’t position the tip on the seam allowance.

Can I iron over pins?

You can iron or steam over pins if the heads of your pins are heat resistant, such as glass heads. Plastic heads can melt and mess up your fabric and even your iron.

What is the ideal material for the quilting pins?

Stainless steel is the most reliable material for quilting pins. It does not get rusty and durable enough for pinning multiple layers of fabric.

What are the most reputable manufacturers of quilting pins?

The two most reputable manufacturers are CLOVER and Dritz. Sharing almost 200 years of history between them, the two companies have been a substantial part of the sewing world. Our list features products from both of them.


From designing the pattern of the top quilt to basting, quilting pins always come in handy. We hope that with the help of this article, you have chosen the best quilting pins for yourself.

If you haven’t, CLOVER Fine Quilting Pins shall meet all your needs in the meantime. Thank you for reading this article; now have fun quilting!

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