The Best Sewing Table For Quilting: Arrow is Ruling the Roost in 2024


The best sewing table for quilting can help you relieve the burden of not having any place to store essential sewing accessories. More importantly, it helps create an ideal workspace for sewing.

You can store a lot of sewing stuff at specific places on the table for convenient use whenever in need. The compact but adequate construction will also save space in the house for you, offering optimal interior settings.

Below is helpful information to help you sort out the best sewing machine cabinets and tables for quilting.

Best Sewing Table For Quilting – Quick Comparison


What Is A Sewing Table?

A sewing table is a desk specially made for sewing purposes. Commonly, it has a large space and a full set of sewing tools included. It also comes with an additional waste bin and a special chair for best comfort and convenience during the process. Moreover, the tables are usually designed with a drop-leaf to give extra space.

The best sewing cabinets and tables would allow you to have a private organized space where you do not have to deal with a big mess just after a few hours of sewing. Besides, sewing requires deep focus so that you should not be disrupted just because you can not find the needle or fabric you need.

So what is the best sewing cutting table to get for quilting? Scroll right down to see the full list.

The Best Sewing Table For Quilting List: In-depth Review

#1 Arrow 601 Gidget Quilting and Craft Table – Best Compact

best-sewing-table-for-quilting (5)

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The Arrow 601 wins the best sewing table for quilting awards for its extraordinary features. The table can hold a sewing machine with a limited measurement of 17-1/2″ wide, 7 3/8″ deep (front to back).

Despite the slim and compact design, the table is extremely sturdy and well built. The device is a little bit off to the right to create more workspace for you on the left. The leg is also foldable to save some space when not on duty, enabling you to adjust the height exactly according to your preferences. If you want to have additional drawers, you can attach them to the left of the table.

The only thing the product should improve is that the drop down’s inside edge could be a bit smoother. It is pretty rough and hard to adjust.


  • Compact
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Adjustable height


  • Rough edge


The Arrow 601 would be an amazing purchase for mini apartment’s sewers. You can do all the sewing with it and fold it back after use for some extra space.

#2 Arrow 351 Norma Jean Sewing Cabinet – Best Storage

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The Arrow 351 is a great recommendation for experienced sewers. The product offers a full package, from a large sewing surface to multiple drawers for storage. When you open the main door, there is not only space for sitting but also direct access to 4 drawers.

You can place threads, other small notions in them. Moreover, the drawers are perfect for storing all your materials for the projects or your favorite collection.

Another amazing feature of this model is the large sewing surface, supported by extended leaves. You can do all the cutting, measuring with this extra space.

In return, the installation can be pretty complicated for beginners. You should read the instructions carefully.


  • Large sewing area
  • Great storage
  • Extended leaves for extra space


  • Complicated settings


Thanks to its comfortable workspace and great storage ability, professional sewers can find this Arrow 351 a perfect fit for their purchase.

#3 Arrow 701 Bertha Sewing Cabinet – Best Convenience

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The Arrow 701 is famous for its convenient airlift mechanism. You can easily raise or lower the sewing machine with one simple push. The convenient settings allow you to flexibly navigate the machine for the optimal position to sew.

The 701 model also comes with an expanded quilt leaf to increase the sewing area even more. The leaf slides along the metal rod, creating an attachment to the back of the cabinet. For that reason, you can set up the leaf exactly where you want (usually slightly to the left).

However, it can be a bit over budget at first. But the quality is no complaint.


  • Adjustable airlift
  • Spacious sewing area


  • Expensive


The Arrow 701 is another great recommendation for professional sewers. You can accomplish various unique projects with this device.

#4 Mainstay Sewing Cabinet Furniture/Craft Center – Best Design

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The Mainstay Sewing Cabinet Furniture is probably the most beautiful table on the list. Its wooded vintage design can give your house a classic cozy vibe. When not in operation, it looks like a regular wood cabinet that you can place other decorations like lamps or small souvenirs.

In addition, the cabinet has great stability, making sure that the sewing machine can operate to full speed without seeing any wobbling from the table. There are also built-in drawers for you to keep the essentials in the right organization.

On the other hand, the cabinet on the right side is pretty flimsy.


  • Exquisite design
  • Sturdy
  • Convenient built-in storage


  • The flimsy cabinet on the right


This product from Mainstay can become your new favorites thanks to its delicate design and amazing performance.

#5 Arrow K8611 Aussie II Kangaroo – Best Space

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If you are looking for a large sewing cabinet with full storage functions, the Arrow K8611 is the perfect match for you. The product comes with a rolling caddy, which you can freely position in 2 different ways: in front of the cabinet or tucked in when off duty.

Plus, the lift mechanism can be easily elevated or lower for optimal height and position. There are also multiple drawers on the two sides of the table to store notions and collections.

The only drawback is the confusing instructions. It can give you a little hard time assembling different parts at first.


  • Adjustable height
  • Flexible rolling caddy
  • Great storage


  • Complicated setting instruction


If you want the full package sewing equipment with all outstanding features, you can not say no to this version of Arrow.

Buying Guide for The Best Sewing Machine Cabinets And Tables

best sewing machine cabinets and tables

To own the best sewing table for quilting, you need to know the three important S: Stability, storage, and surface area. With these three S’s, you are on the right track to the perfect sewing equipment.


You can write, eat, or type on a moderately shaky table, but when it comes to sewing, stability is the number one factor you need to consider carefully and thoroughly. When your sewing machine operates to its maximum speed, a sewing table with low stability will shake. Consequently, the thread line can easily be damaged and go all over the place.

That’s why you need to hunt for a sturdy and high-quality sewing table that can stand still even under great pressure and the power of the machine.


Minimalist sewing table could be an interesting change. However, in the end, you would need space to store your unfinished projects and the embarrassingly extensive (aka dedicated) accomplishments. For that reason, it is probably more appropriate to purchase a sewing table with built-in shelves and drawers.

Surface Area

A basic sewing table can accommodate your sewing machine. But the best sewing machine cabinets and tables would give you a large space where you can do all the cutting, ironing, piecing, or whatever you usually do during the projects. How awesome is that!

Sometimes, those extra spaces can be used for other purposes. You can put your PC on the table to Netflix and sew or learn some new techniques while doing the projects. Your sewing practice would become an enjoyable time.

Protection Against Liquids

No matter how fine the sewing table’s quality might be, it can always be ruined by liquids. For that reason, you find out ways and tips to protect the table from various types of liquids such as water, alcohol, juices, etc.

You should clean the table with vacuum cleaners to get rid of all that tiny stuff and dirt instead of using a wet towel. After that, polish the table with a soft dry cloth to smoothen the table further. All the smudges and leftover dust would be gone in no time. By doing that, you will give the sewing table a shiny gloss surface.

The sewing machine usually discharges oil after long use. In this case, you can use a damp cloth to clean it occasionally as vacuum cleaners, and dry cloth can not solve the problems.

Follow all these helpful tips, and your favorite sewing table will always be good as new.


Can I do quilting on a regular sewing machine?

Of course, you can. You can do it with a standard sewing machine. If you have already got a sewing machine, it is unnecessary to purchase a new one specialized for quilting. There are two ways available for you to choose: straight-line quilting or a motion quilting foot.

Is it necessary to have a table specifically for sewing machines?

The best sewing table for quilting will give you extra space, allowing the sewing to be more comfortable. Moreover, it can give you the stability to make sure that every thread line runs straight. If you find your kitchen or dining table that meets all those requirements, you can use it for economical use.

What height can be considered ideal for a sewing table?

The most common heights for sewing tables usually take 5 feet, 3 inches person, as a standard for adjustment. However, to give a better height range, the specs can fluctuate from 4 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 3 inches.

Is quilting a pricey hoppy?

Quilting can be expensive for some people. It can cost you up to $10.000 and even $30.000 for a full set of tools. However, it is beneficial if you do it to serve your future fashion career.

In Conclusion

The best sewing table for quilting can be a helpful assistant that supports you in creating an ideal sewing workplace. Every sewing tool would be neatly organized, thus creating a smooth work process.

Those products above are the top runners on the market at the moment. Check it out and decide the champion of your own!

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