How to Make Quilt Seams Lay Flat with Tools You Already Have


One of the most common problems patchwork makers encounter with seams is not knowing how to make quilt seams lay flat. In this blog, we will show you some simple methods and tricks that will make them stop curving and stay flat by using the tools you already have. Let’s find out how!


How to Make Quilt Seams Lay Flat: Step-by-Step Instruction

Step 1: Prepare

This whole process will not require you to buy any new tools to make your seams lay flat because you – as a patchwork maker – have already own these things. What you need are an iron and a thick magazine.

Step 2: Carefully Iron Your Units

This step is really important. If you do not iron your patchwork properly, you will have so many wrinkles. You need to iron at all the sewing steps so all the pieces will be sewn and pressed. Remember to avoid steaming because it will make your quilt blocks get out of shape.

how to make quilt seams lay flat (02)

Step 3: Use A Rotary Ruler or a Heavy Magazine

You can use two tools to make your quilt seams stay flat to use a rotary ruler or a thick magazine.

  • Option 1: Rotary Ruler

When your patchwork is still hot, put a rotary ruler on top of it. The ruler can help you spot if something is going off the lines and straightening your seams simultaneously.

  • Option 2: Heavy Magazine

After you finish ironing, the seams might get curved because, like any other object and material, the quilt seams also expand when they get hot. So, when the seams are still hot, you can put a thick magazine or book on top of them to make the curves lay flat.

If you do not have thick and heavy magazines or books, you can use the thinner ones and put some heavier objects on top of them. It is crucial to put the weight on the curves right when it is still hot because when the fabric gets cool, it will not be as easy to fix.

how to make quilt seams lay flat (01)
The heavy magazine can help with straightening flatten the seams

More Tips for Flat Seams

Pressing with Less Pressure When the Seams Get Curved

While you are ironing, if you see your seams curving, stop for a little bit, and use less pressure on their surfaces. Do not keep putting too much pressure on your seams and hope it will stay flat in this case.

Putting Your Patchwork on a Striped Fabric

Another trick to spot if your patchwork is staying straight is to put it on a piece of striped fabric. With the striped fabric, it will be easier to find out if things are not right on this side or the other.

Using Flatter Sprays

These spray products can help you deal with wrinkles on your patchwork. They are easy to use and normally have a nice smell.

In Short

With some simple methods and tricks from this blog, we hope you already know how to make quilt seams lay flat. By following the steps and tricks we provided, your patchwork will stay really flat and smooth.

Try and tell us how satisfied you are!