Why Use Safety Pins Rather Than Straight Pins?


Nowadays, using safety pins is more popular among people. Even though they have straight pins for sewing at home, they still go out and buy themselves some safety pins. Then why use safety pins rather than straight pins? In this article, we will provide you the answers to this topic.

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Safety Pins Vs Straight Pins

1. Why Use Safety Pins Rather Than Straight Pins?

On a daily basis, straight pins are perfectly fine with objects hanging on the walls or with a table runner.

However, there are many times people get pricked by the straight pins’ pointy tips. As straight pins do not have any lids or caps to block the pointy part, it is more dangerous with the risk of having blood on your quilt.

If you use a large quilt, you have to roll and smush the fabric under the sewing machine’s arm, so using safety pins will help avoid getting stuck and damage the material.

Additionally, safety pins come in many sizes, from 0.75 to 3 inches, so that buyers can freely choose their right size. They also produce curved safety pins for easier open and close purposes, and you can have a look at it if you think normal ones are difficult to adjust.

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2. Uses For Safety Pins:

Safety pins are very easy to use. Yet, some people still think they are only made for clothes. In fact, you can not only use the best safety pins for quilting but also apply them in other ways. Here we will show you some of the most convenient methods of using safety pins:

Secure Your Keys

If you have the intention to go to the amusement park and join in some activities that require moving or jumping a lot, you can use safety pins to attach your keys to the inside of your pocket so they won’t accidentally drop.

Also, it is a genius way to keep your keys together using large safety pins instead of those tangled key chains.

Keep Socks Together

If you usually lose track of your socks after washing them in the washing machine, safety pins are here for the rescue.

Thread the pins through the socks to hold them together; that way, you can save yourself some time and feel less irritated every time you have to take the socks out of the washing machine.

Replace A Zipper

Safety pins replace all types of zippers in the urgent situation when yours accidentally broke. It is one of the best temporary solutions to clip a safety pin to the zipper before it is professionally fixed.

Close Curtains’ Gaps

Sometimes the gaps between the curtains in hotel rooms or on public transportation really annoy you. Just by using safety pins, you can close the gaps and prevent the sun from radiating lights right at your face.

Why Use Safety Pins Rather Than Straight Pins? Uses For Safety Pins


Generally, safety pins are safer and more convenient in terms of quilting, so it is necessary to always have safety pins in your house. Safety pins are very durable and affordable so you don’t have to worry about changing them time through time.

After reading this article, we hope that we have solved your questions about “Why use safety pins rather than straight pins?”