Top 7 Best Curved Safety Pins for Quilting Reviews


Most people underrate the power of small pins, thinking tiny accessories are not much relevant for large projects.

In fact, a bulk of pins is useful for holding whole or multiple pieces of fabric together for effective sewing and attachment, such as basting a quilt. Have you figured out which specific pin type is suitable for quilting tasks yet?

This article introduces the top 7 best-curved safety pins for quilting bundles to help you find the best quilting safety pins with proper structure, size, material, and versatility as expected for a successful sewing process in the end.

Best Curved Safety Pins for Quilting – Quick Comparison


7 Best Curved Safety Pins for Quilting in 2024

#1 Dritz Quilting 3032 Curved Safety Pins – Best for Large Count

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Dritz Quilting 3032 Safety Curved Pins come in a large bonus pack of 300 pins. Their construction is sturdy and sharp with the right angle for fabric penetration.

Unlike straight pins, these require less effort to use as they’re well-contoured for quilt basting without shifting.

You can baste a king-sized quilt of 5-6 feet with one box of these curved basting pins. They also perform well for large projects like jewelry making and DIY projects.

A detail you should notice is that it’s not advisable to baste on a carpeted floor. Some Dritz 3032 Pins for Quilting will get stuck to the carpet and need to be re-pinned.


  • A large pack of 300 pins
  • Sharp and sturdy
  • Effectively contoured
  • Sufficient for large projects


  • Not for use on carpets

#2 iNee Curved Safety Pins Size 2 – Best for High Loft Batting

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iNee Safety Curved Pins are size 2 safety pins, slightly bigger and highly suggested for high loft batting a quilt. Their overall thickness also adds extra strength to this process.

As much as the pins are thick and sturdy, they’re quite easy to open and close for people with small and delicate fingers.

Besides, these thick safety pins are manufactured entirely from a steel material that resists rusting. You won’t have to worry about weak and soft brass pins anymore.

However, the points on the contoured pins by iNee don’t appear to be sharp enough. They sometimes cannot pierce through 2 normal layers of quilting.


  • Ideal for high loft batting
  • Simple opening and closing
  • Rust-free steel material


  • Not sharp enough

#3 iNee Curved Safety Pins Size 3 – Best For All Hand Sizes!

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There are other variations of iNee Safety Contoured Pins, and they’re in size 3, an average size that works great with most sewing tasks. The size somewhat makes up to their limited 50-count amount.

Moreover, these quilters safety pins’ large size is more helpful for diverse hand types to work with them. People with arthritis should always choose size 3 of curved pins for more effortless usage.

Since they’ve been nickel-plated, the pins for quilting look shiny and are rust-resistant. Their sharp points are promised not to snag your fabric.

One major disadvantage you might experience while using Size 3 Curvy iNee Pins is their dull performance that isn’t the best choice for quilt sandwiching.


  • The common size 3
  • Support arthritis users
  • Anti-rust nickel-plating


  • Too dull for sandwiching

#4 Dritz 3013 Curved Basting Safety Pins – Best for Durability

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Dritz 3013 Curved Basting Pins are the 2-inch safety pins that most users fancy to baste their quilt effectively. Because they can defeat rusting, these pins are highly durable for extended uses.

Consequently, if you don’t use up all 40 of them in one quilting task, you can store these nickel-plated pins for next time.

You’ll need 160 to 200 size 3 pins like 3013 Safety Curved Basting Pins from Dritz for a king-size quilt. A package has a reasonably low price, so you should buy them in a bundle.

Unfortunately, the curved quilting pins deliver much dullness in use. It becomes harder to avoid bunching when pinning for your fabric and takes more time for pin placement.


  • Durable, rust-resistant
  • Good for storage
  • Low price per pack


  • Takes time to place

#5 Batino Curved Quilting Safety Pins – Best Overall

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Batino Curved Quilting Safety Pins possess a curved design and a convenient bending angle for sewing and DIY projects. Their unique shape is easy to use and doesn’t deform too soon.

Contoured pins like them being intentionally built to pin basting a quilt will undoubtedly work much better than flat, straight ones. You simply can’t miss them out on your creative work.

Thanks to this amazing curvy angle, you won’t be pricked by sharp pins while basting a thick quilt anymore, saving a lot of pain and Band-Aids on duty!

It’s not surprising that Batino Contoured Pins for Basting have exceeded most expectations and haven’t displeased any passionate quilters so far.


  • Convenient angle
  • Prevent early misshaping
  • Better than flat pins
  • No pricking


  • N/A

#6 Honkoolly Silver Curved Safety Pins – Best for Versatility

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Honkoolly Silver Safety Curved Pins can be considered high-quality safety pins with 100 counts per package to serve multiple sewing tasks. Their affordability is certainly a great bonus to get a bundle.

Having the support of these beautifully curved pins on your clothing accessories, DIY crafts and jewelry, sewing pieces, and hanging ornaments on bags would be a wise decision to make.

Their nickel-plated steel material can fight rust in the long run. The pins are easier for you to handle than straight ones to baste a quilt.

Not only are the long safety pins applicable to a series of applications, but they also don’t cause any dissatisfaction until now. In general, these quilting pins seem to perform quite brilliantly.


  • High-quality
  • Affordable
  • Highly versatile for many tasks
  • Rust-proof material


  • N/A

#7 Dritz 7216 Curved Safety Pins – Best for Sheerness

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Though most people don’t notice this detail, quilter pins should provide the least noise possible. You’ll be delighted with Dritz 7216 Curved Safety Pins’ pleasant sheerness in use.

The most common task for you to use these size 2 safety pins is with high loft batting. They’re ideal for craft making and DIY projects as well.

With a useful combination of sheerness, large count, and a contoured structure to penetrate fabric, the 7216 Curved Quilting Pins by Dritz receive lots of love from users.

In the same batch of 40 counts, the pins’ manufacturer doesn’t appear to produce them with similar quality, which is unarguably a disadvantage compared to other products.


  • Provides sheerness
  • Good for high loft batting
  • Well-contoured


  • Unequal in quality

Frequently Asked Questions on Quilting Safety Pins

best size curved safety pins for quilting

What are curved safety pins used for?

Pins are small sewing tools sold in a bundle to fasten fabric together. They can hold the top, wadding, and the back of a quilt. Their contoured build helps with basting and piercing tasks as well.

One package of these safety basting pins may include approximately 40 up to 300 counts for you to complete sewing a large fabric piece.

Most users purchase several packages at a time because you’ll need loads of pins to achieve a full quilt basting.

What sizes of safety curved pins are ideal for quilting?

There is a wide range of different safety pins sizes from size 00 to size 4 safety pins, varying around ¾ inch to 3 inches (widely known as large blanket pins).

Experienced users will prefer using pins of size 2 for quilting because their 1 ½-inch measurement can satisfy most purposes.

Intricate designs having small pieces will require tiny safety pins. Whereas bigger ones of size 3 or 4 will be ideal for sandwiching a quilt with multiple thick layers.

What are the different types of quilting pins?

Besides the popular design of curved quilting safety pins, users can take advantage of flower heads and appliqué pins to baste a quilt.

Flower head pins are flat, slim, and long to serve sewing seams in a patchwork. You can stitch over and remove the pins simultaneously, yet not messing with the fabric’s initial stitching.

For appliqué tasks that involve using mini quilting pins, the appliqué pin type is the one to work with tiny fabrics. Besides, these pins will be excellent for curved areas of heavy pinning.

When you understand clearly about different types of pins for this specific task, it also helps you to choose the best size curved safety pins for quilting.

As being mentioned earlier, small pieces of fabric only require small pins from size 2 and below like the appliqué design. You’ll have to use 2-inch pins to sandwich larger and thicker quilt layers.

Which tips work for pinning a quilt?

Here is some precious advice collected from more experienced quilters to brand new users who are still clueless about the best tips of how to pin a quilt.

It is advisable to pin from the middle of the quilt out to its borders since all parts of the quilt – top, wadding, and back – will shift. Pinning it from the center outwards ensures you don’t encounter puckers.

When you wish to baste a king-sized quilt, a rule of thumb is to use size 3 curved pins and start pinning every 5 inches. It will probably take up to 200 pins to complete the entire large quilt.


After understanding how each safety pin can be useful for quilting, you must have mastered the art of choosing the right pins to baste a quilt!

The best-curved safety pins for quilting are the Dritz 3032 Safety Contoured Pins, with their incredible 300 counts, sharp point, contoured and sturdy structure.

Hope you find this article about quilting pin reviews helpful. Thank you for reading.

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