Top List For Best Ironing Board For Quilters In 2024


Some people consider ironing is a tedious daily chore, even for quilters. Therefore, a good ironing board can be a game-changer. An excellent ironing board for quilting can save you a great amount of time and make your life easier.

If you want to pass a job interview, or simply to impress a girl during your first date, you need to make sure that your shirt looks its best as well-ironed clothes will always be better. That’s why buying a decent ironing board is very important.

If you are in the dark about how to choose the best ironing board for quilters, follow this article to figure it out!

Best Ironing Board For Quilters In 2024 – Quick Comparison


What Are Ironing Boards For Quilting?

An ironing board is a flat area on which you put your fabrics or clothes to iron. If you want to remove stubborn wrinkles on your clothes, you may want an ironing board.

The ironing boards for quilting and the ordinary ones are not much different from each other. However, quilters may favor the former because they will make the ironing process a lot more effective and convenient.

Top list for best ironing board for quilters in 2024

#1 Brabantia 321924 Steam Rest Ironing Board – Best Value

The first candidate on the top list for best ironing board for quilters is an ironing board from the brand Brabantia. It has great value for money with countless outstanding features. This tabletop ironing board for quilting is a standard household appliance for every house.

best-ironing-board-for-quilters (1)

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  • Wide dimensions of 49 x 18 inches with the support of a 0.98-inch ivory frame
  • Great convenience with the linen rack and iron rest
  • Hand transport lock supporting foldability
  • High mobility


  • Fast closure trigger causing breakage

#2 Bartnelli Pro Luxury Ironing Board – Best Performance

The tabletop ironing board from Bartnelli meets all the requirements to pledge for the top rank products. It offers great sturdiness with astounding additional supports, such as a washable pad and high adjustability.

This piece of furniture is well built with EU-standard materials, allowing it to remain in great condition despite long years of use. As a result, this quilting board can elevate your iron experience, making it a quick and convenient task in your chore routine.

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  • Great stability with sturdy legs and large board
  • Machine-washable pad for fast and easy cleaning
  • Easily raise or lower the table for optimal height


  • Heavy

#3 Reliable 300LB Ironing Board Table  – Best Construction

The Reliable 300LB is a compact ironing board with premium construction. The product comes with lead-free double-wishbone legs to maximize stability and durability. It will sustain for years without seeing any rust.

The tube frame design with a removable ironing surface is a unique production style that increases its rigidity and aesthetics. This quilting ironing board would be ideal for small to medium-sized households.

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  • Refreshing design for maximum durability and stability
  • Unique tube frame with removable surface
  • Modern design for extra aesthetics


  • Need longer ironing board cover

#4 Mabel Home Extra-Wide Ironing Pro Board – Best Surface

The iron experience would be much greater with the Mabel home appliance. It is a heavy-duty ironing board with the best ironing board cover for quilting. The ironing board is extra wide and nicely wrapped by a soft cotton cover, working smoothly under high heat.

The Mabel Home product also comes with a well-built locking system for quick set-up and take-down. Thus, you can carry it in the house with minimal effort. This smartly designed furniture would fit small apartments gorgeously.

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  • High-quality ironing board cover
  • Great stability
  • Quick set up with the safety locking system


  • Improvable height adjustability

#5 Brabantia Ironing Board with Iron Parking Zone – Best Safety

The Brabantia is specialized in non-slip construction to bring the best safety around the house. There is a combinatory heat resistant spot for a hot iron. You will no longer have to put up with unwanted burns.

Moreover, the child and transport locks also prevent the ironing board from accidental collapse.

best-ironing-board-for-quilters (6)

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  • Heat-resistant resting zone for hot iron
  • Child and transport locks for ideal security
  • Slip-free feet


  • Tricky folding mechanism

#6 STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board – Best Portability

The STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop takes pride in its portability. You can effortlessly fold the tabletop and store it in any corner of the house once the ironing task is completed. The cover probably belongs to the best ironing board cover for quilters list with its 100% cotton fabric. Plus, it is machine washable.

Another noteworthy feature is the heat-resistance. The ironing board can breathe and dissolve the heat quickly to reduce the risk of unwanted burns. The STORAGE MANIAC would fit households with children excellently for its space-saving features and high safety.

best-ironing-board-for-quilters (9)

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  • Foldable and easily stored anywhere for extra space
  • Washable cover
  • Heat resistance


  • Sub-par length

#7 Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board – Best Durability

The compact ironing board from Whitmor can withstand years of use thanks to the steel mesh top. The product also comes with vented holes to smoothen the streamflow and eliminate all the existing wrinkles.

The sturdy steel legs enhance stability and protect the product from rust simultaneously, ensuring the product’s long lifespan. Besides, no-skid protectors do their job outstandingly in improving security and preventing scratches.

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  • Excellent durability with the steel mesh top and legs
  • Vented holes for smooth steam flow
  • Skid-free protectors


  • Need extra foam on the grids

#8 Sunbeam Tabletop Ironing Board – Best Compact

The Sunbeam is one of the best choices for condos, dorms, or mini-apartments with measures of 23.5 x 14.5 inches. Moreover, it is easy to fold to be stored in any corner when not in use.

The plastic and metal materials increase Sunbeam’s stability considerably. You can put it on your bed for convenient ironing.

best-ironing-board-for-quilters (10)

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  • Compact design
  • Easily foldable
  • Great stability to iron on any surface


  • Hard to remove sticky labels

#9 Honey-Can-Do B001F51A2Q – Best Simplicity

Just like its name suggests, the Honey-Can-Do is suitable for both husbands and wives to do the ironing. The simple design enables you to easily fold it for minimal storage space. Plus, it is super convenient to move around or travel with, thanks to the compact design.

The ironing board surface is also comparatively large so that you can iron big clothes without any difficulties. There is also an iron resting spot to hinder any unwanted scorching.

best-ironing-board-for-quilters (7)

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  • Easy to use design for every family member
  • Smart design for storage and on the go
  • Minimizes scorching risk with an iron resting spot


  • Plastic smell during the first few uses

#10 Wall-Mounted Ironing Board – Best Wall-Mounted Option

A Wall-Mounted Ironing Board has the most outstanding design on this list as it could be mounted to your wall. The non-leg design is an excellent choice to save some space in the house.

Moreover, the special construction also eliminates the risk of it being shoved by pets or children in the house, causing breakage.

The 22.2 x 13.8 x 5.5-inch measurements will allow you to thoroughly iron from small pieces of clothes to big items.

best-ironing-board-for-quilters (8)

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  • Special mounted features for extra space
  • Fewer chances of breakage
  • Large ironing surface to make the tasks easier


  • Sub-par cover quality

Different Types of Ironing Boards

It is essential to know which kind of ironing board is suitable for you before purchasing one. There are three different kinds of ironing boards: built-in, tabletop, and full-size ironing boards.

Built-in Ironing Boards

They are also called wall-mounted ironing boards. This type of ironing board requires you to install it before ironing. Moreover, they can be folded out from the area during use.

If you don’t have limited space, this type would be a perfect choice as you can store it in a closet or cabinet after ironing.

Tabletop Ironing Boards

This ironing board category will be another great choice for those who live in a small home. Tabletop is the most compact one when it comes to ironing boards. They can fit in almost every corner of your house.

If you are a frequent traveler, don’t hesitate to go for this type of ironing board. Besides, a tabletop ironing board’s price is reasonable, suitable if you have a tight budget.

Full-size Ironing Boards

This option is the most popular kind of ironing board for quilting. These boards’ features are very impressive as they are available in various sizes.

They are also portable so that you can move them easily from one place to another. Another plus point, you can adjust the height of a full-size ironing board.

A Detailed Buying Guide For The Best Ironing Boards

best ironing board cover for quilting

You may wonder what is the best ironing board for quilters on the market. Not all ironing boards are made the same. Therefore, remember to consider these factors below if you want to buy the best ironing board for quilting.

Consider the size of the ironing board

If you live in a big residence, opt for a full-size ironing board for quilters—the wider the surface area, the better. A bigger surface area will enable an easier ironing process as you can place various items on it, even bed linen and blanket.

On the other hand, choose a tabletop ironing board if you have limited space or want to put them in a closet or drawer after use.

Frequent travelers should also consider this type of ironing board as a convenient choice to carry from place to place.

Opt for adjustable height

Height is also a crucial factor when it comes to choosing a fitting ironing board. A great height is considered to stretch around your waist when ironing, about 37 inches for an average person.

Moreover, it prevents potential straining when you are performing the task. Therefore, a greater option would be ironing boards with adjustable heights. That way, you can be comfortable when ironing both seated or standing.

Pay attention to the cover

Most ironing boards for quilting come with covers. Many products include smooth and heat-resistant 100% cotton covers. Other covers contain heat reflective material, helping the iron to glide over your clothes easier, thus save a lot of time.

As being said, you may want to purchase a cover that has thick padding and is non-sticky to better retain heat.

Choose an ironing board that has a safety lock

The heat from an ironing board can be dangerous. That’s why safety is a considerably important factor when it comes to a good ironing board.

If you have young children or pets, go for an ironing board with a safety lock to provide an extra layer of protection. It will minimize accidental burn incidents.

Opt for an ironing board with strong legs

It is the legs’ width and style that decide whether an ironing board is sturdy or not. Because you will put a lot of pressure on the ironing board when ironing your clothes, loop legs and thick tubing are very well-known as they tend to stay well on the floor.

Additionally, it is best to consider the materials’ quality. Anything made from steel that is covered by epoxy is good to go. You may want non-slip feet as well.

Iron rest is a beneficial factor

This point may not be as essential as the above factors, but it cannot be ignored when buying a good ironing board. Iron rest helps keep the hot side facing away from you. Some brands also make it retractable to save space when not in use.

Iron rest decreases the risk of iron dropping so that you will be safe from any accidental burns. Moreover, the gadget will have longer durability.

Tips to maintain ironing boards for a long time

If you take care of the ironing board properly, it will continue to perform well for years to come. You can refer to some helpful tips below to extend the life of your ironing board:

  • Wash the cover of your ironing board frequently after checking the label carefully. If the cover is not washable, clean it thoroughly after every use.
  • Remember to take out the cover and wipe down the ironing board with a moist cloth regularly.
  • Keep the cover and the ironing board dries completely before storing.
  • Keep your ironing board in a dry, safe place, such as a closet or drawer to prevent it from being damaged or torn.


How much space should I need for an ironing board?

If you are a quilter, you may want a versatile ironing board. Since ironing boards come in different sizes, you should carefully consider the ironing board’s size that fits your space best.

While a large house offers a spacious area to place a full-size ironing board, smaller spaces would need a portable and flexible counterpart for easy storage.

Does an ironing board require a cover?

Definitely yes. You need the cover to protect your ironing board from excess heat. When choosing the materials for your cover, opt for those that reflect heat to prevent the ironing board from being directly exposed to high temperature during ironing.

How often should I change the ironing board cover?

Based on the cover and pad’s overall performance, you may consider replacing them if they are crumbling or showing other signs of tear, wear, or old-age.

We highly recommend changing your ironing board cover every five or seven years.

Can I wash the cover of ironing boards?

You may want to wash your cover to remove dirt, dust, and debris from its fabric.

Before washing, you should check the care label carefully. If your cover is washable, remove it from the ironing board’s frame. After that, use a sponge with lukewarm water to clean the cover completely.

How do you store an ironing board?

When not in use, it is best to hang your ironing board against your door using an ironing board holder. Many holders come with extra compartments or attachments, enabling you to store other ironing accessories along with the ironing board.


Whether you are a quilter or not, a great ironing board would effectively support and shorten your time when it comes to ironing. You can consider the Brabantia Steam Rest or Bartnelli Pro Luxury ironing board to get the best experience while performing this task.

We hope that you would find the best ironing board for quilters to bring home. Thanks for reading!

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