How to make a fold and stitch wreath?

How to make a fold and stitch wreath (15)-min

To make a fold and stitch wreath, you’ll need the following materials: Materials Needed: Two contrasting fabrics (dark and light) Heat and bond light or feather light interfacing Sewing machine Iron Scissors Cardstock for template Marking pen (friction pen or water-soluble) Hand-sewing needle Thimble (optional) Buttons or embellishments (optional) Make a Fold’n Stitch Wreath Video …

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A-Pro Quilter And How To Use Quilting Rulers Properly!

How To Use Quilting Rulers Properly

A quilting ruler is essential for achieving the best outcomes, regardless of your levels of quilting ability. These fast guides will teach you how to align your fabric along these lines to reach the required angle and halve cutting time by learning how to use quilting rulers properly. Not only do rulers help you work …

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An Awesome Guideline On How To Use A Quilting Frame

Are you an artisan making trendy quilts? Besides using quilting machines, do you want to learn more about “How to use a quilting frame” as a great companion for your own craft space? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place because our article will help you find out the answer to …

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Why Use Safety Pins Rather Than Straight Pins?

Why Use Safety Pins Rather Than Straight Pins? (01)

Nowadays, using safety pins is more popular among people. Even though they have straight pins for sewing at home, they still go out and buy themselves some safety pins. Then why use safety pins rather than straight pins? In this article, we will provide you the answers to this topic. 1. Why Use Safety Pins …

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How To Choose The Best Batting For Baby Quilt?

best batting for baby quilt

If you want to make the perfect quilt, you must plan carefully to choose the best batting for baby quilt. Batting is the name of a fabric sheet, which is often placed between two layers of fabric. Batting makes the baby quilt warmer, loftier, thicker, and more textured. This post will show you the most …

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The Ultimate Guide for DIY Quilting Frame

diy quilting frame for sewing machine

The quilting trend is spreading like wildfire because everyone can use their imagination and create a unique product. However, when it comes to large products such as blankets, pillowcases, quilting seems to be impossible as it requires a frame that not everyone can afford. Well, fear no more. Today, we will show you a full, …

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